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Have a question about changing a password or logging-into the virtual school or ... ? Information Technology Services (ITS) maintains a list of Frequently Asked Questions. This resource provides an easy way for answering most questions. You should always check the FAQs prior to submitting a Help Desk request.

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The ITS Help Desk is your point of contact for all HGS Technology Services issues. The ITS Help Desk provides technical support to HGS students, faculty, and staff on a variety of ALHGS technology services, such as virtual school accounts and software usage. Please note that ITS does not support students' home systems.

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"A. Linwood Holton Governor's School Information Technology Services is the Governor's School's resource for technology-based services. ITS is responsible for providing support of information technology to students, faculty, and staff."


FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

ALHGS ITS maintains a list of many questions students have asked regarding various technical aspects of the school. The list of questions, grouped by topic, may be viewed by clicking below.



If you cannot find the answer to your technical question by checking the FAQ page, you may file a help request by opening an ITS Help Desk Ticket.

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email: support@hgs.k12.va.us

phone: 813-507-9956

Please note that the phone line is open from approximately 7:30 am until 2:30 pm each weekday. This number is for HGS students, faculty, staff, and HGS partners (e.g., high school guidance counselors, facilitators) only. All other calls will be declined.


Videos Outdated: New Videos Soon. Please note that the videos reached through the links below require Adobe Flash, Flash Player. They will not play in devices that do not support Flash.

Entering the Virtual School and Joining a Class

The HGS Virtual Classroom


The Governor's School uses the software product iLinc for it's virtual school and virtual classrooms. ONLINE DOCUMENTATION for iLinc 11, the software version used by HGS, may be found HERE.

QUICK START User's Guide document for students (PDF format) may be downloaded HERE.


Information Outdated - Update Coming Soon To attend HGS synchronous classes one must have the iLinc 11 client software installed on the Windows computer being used. (Please note that currently the MAC OS is not supported.) The software may be downloaded here:


To install the software, simply find the file at the location where you saved it on your computer, double click on the name, and follow any installation prompts. Installation should take well less than one minute. You must have administrator privileges to install the software.

One may also install the software without having to first download it by logging into class using a machine without the software. When trying to join a class, the HGS Virtual School software will recognize that the client is not installed on the machine being used, and prompt the user to allow installation. Accepting the prompts will allow the software to then install, typically in less than 30 seconds..

After the software has installed, upon joining a class for the first time, you will then see the Audio Wizard, which allows you to adjust audio volume within the software (in addition to Windows audio controls, which may also be used) as well as see that the headset mic is active and working correctly. Once you dismiss the audio wizard, you will then enter the desired HGS virtual classroom.


There are currently NO special advisories, notices, or bulletins at this time.


The two most recent ALHGS Twitter posts are shown below.

HGS uses Twitter to post HGS systems' status messages (e.g., email UP, virtual classroom DOWN, virtual school UP, etc.) in addition to closing notices for inclement weather and individual class schedule changes, etc.

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