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Advanced Multimedia Applications   
Appalachian History    
Creative Writing    
Engineering Methods & Computer Programming    
Environmental Science & Related Problems    
History of Western Civilization    
History of World Civilization    
Human Anatomy and Physiology    
Principles of Physics    
Probability and Statistics    

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I, whose full name appears above and whose initials appear below, in consideration of ...
one (1) Andrea NC-185 and one (1) SanDisk 8 GB USB Flash Drive with lanyard
receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, am solely responsible for and will make use of during my Governor's School term(s) and will return to the A. Linwood Holton Governor's School office if I should reconsider taking the above course(s) or should drop the above Governor's School course(s) prior to successful completion.

I understand that at the successful completion of all Governor's School class(s) taken during the academic year, I will immediately thereafter surrender the headset to my high school's Governor's School representative (e.g., Guidance Counselor) where it will be retained for future use. Furthermore, having successfully completed the course(s), I shall keep the flash drive with lanyard.

This Material Receipt shall be effective as to the transfer of property listed above as of this date as written below.

I hereby acknowledge having read the above and having received all material described above.